In September 26 the iPad application conBio – the Bioenergy Gateway was released.

This was the start of the next venture by Lennart Ljungblom, for 35 years in the front of Bioenergy development. As early adopters of new technology and finding a business application for those it was logic that now the interactive iPad has come into focus. Basically the content during all this 35 years has been the same – communication of facts and connections in the business field of biomass. First years with a focus on Sweden but most of the time with a wide international approach.

In the early 80´s still the typewriter was the main instrument and it was quite a complicated procedure to produce the magazines at that time but things changed dramatically when the the Apple mac+ with a graphical interphase and a mouse made the entrance 1984 and soon the important layout program Page Maker was launched. This created a revolution in the business and more and more layout and later also photo work was moved from printshop to editorial offices. The therm desktop publishing summarized the important development. It become quite cheap to produce nice newsletters but still printing was complicated and expensive. In 1995 the next revolution appeared when the Internet become a business reality. Novator was very early in supplying webpages for the business and also already at that time published full content of articles as html files still available via http;// A new form of media distribution was born.

With increased capacity and better equipment and programs development in the media business the black and white printing almost died and all was in full color. For the user, the smaller portable computers made it possible to read digital magazines and information out of office, but still it was quite inconvenient and battery problems was  always a struggle. During the late 2000 decade  the pdf-file  technology was further developed and made digital magazines on line more available and fun to use, you could actually hear the pages flip when you switched to the next page in such a magazine. All layout was presented in the same way as in the printed magazine and all ads where included which of course was, and still is, very popular with the advertisers. The pdf magazines are therefore still today very important carriers of media information. It is up to you – You can read the magazine in print or  in the computer or in both and you have the same content – but the pdf files also have links which further increases the value of the magazine.

The latest step in development came with the iPad and the iPhone followed by other brands providing a development in two new directions based on the common app technology. With the iPad you get an unit possible to use for many business applications and is excellent for media. The technology to produce those app´s are however quite different compared to what is needed for traditional computer publications were you directly from the layout program can produce the pdf file needed. But to make a good iPad app many complicated steps are still needed  and the trade of ap’s are dominated by the two market places Apple store and Google Play which creates some limitations, so this is only the start of the development called Digital Publishing.

The furter development of the iPad magazine is resting because of a changed funding situation. For the time beeing most work is dedicated to the News and Facts and the business directory, both edited and run by Lennart Ljungblom.

The conBio Team

The conBio activities are developed by Lennart Ljungblom as the editor and publisher and Tigist Ayalew as the software engineer.

Lennart Ljungblom is a chemical engineer, working most of his life with bioenergy market and knowledge building. The first activity was the writing of a the 500 page book  Energy forests in 1977. Lennart Ljungblom was one of five authors. In 1978 he and two student fellows at Swedish Institute of Technology established the company Novator.

In 1979 he initiated creation of the Swedish Bioenergy Association (Svebio), an association  formally established in the summer 1980 and is now one of the leading and most active bioenergy organizations world wide. He served as it’s managing director for seven years. 1981 he took the initiative for the Swedish spoken magazine Bioenergi. This magazine was established as apart of Svebio, but in the late 80´s when time for the renewable energy business was ruff, it was sold, but 1991 Lennart Ljungblom personally bought it back and developed once again to a leading position later also sold it Svebio who is still running the magazine.

In 2001 he started the English spoken magazine Bioenergy International and developed it during ten years and in 2011 this magazine also was sold to Svebio. Bioenergy International has related magazines in Russian, French and Spanish languages.

One important activity during this years ha also been to organize and develop conferences and exhibitions. Already in 1984 Svebio was a one of two partners in the first international Bioenergy exhibition, Bioenergy 84. During the years until rufly 2003  5-6 events in the bioenergy field was organized every year.

From time to time he has been responsible for reports often market analysis and knowledge building reports mostly about bioenergy. During a period of around ten years during the 90’s he was in parallel active in politics.

Tigist Ayalew is a young engineer with a master degree in software engineering. She has transferred the ideas and visions to a functioning app. There are still many more developments to come and we both look into the future with excitement.