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Opportunity and action

Basically I am  an entrepreneur and an educator, professionally mostly in bioenergy but also with a track record from a number of other areas. My academic background is Chemical Engineering.

I have 30 years of experience in developing bioenergy and in communicating bioenergy locally and globally and with a parallel ten year experience in politics, as a local community leader and in energy also on a national level.

A success in bioenergy need an understanding in the complexity, the nested supply chains of fuels, services and knowhow as well as the understanding of the influence from other markets and politics.

One thing is to understand another is to make it happen.

In bioenergy normally many people and organizations become involved. Therefore communication is of vital importance. Not only telling but also listening. To analyze and break the information flow down into useful parts, and to deal with them.

To communicate it is also important to know with who to communicate and to communicate in a language and format that is effective.

Most important is however to act when needed. There is no meaning with knowledge if you are not able to use that knowledge for business or other purposes. My slogan opportunity and action should be read with this in mind. With the knowledge and communication the opportunity may sooner or later come and then when the time is right the action.

I am now working in the format “Conbio” Spanish for withBio.

Do not hesitate, give me a call or send me an email.

Lennart Ljungblom
Opportunity and action


"biomass for energy pellets, power and biofuels