conBio – with Bio

Bioenergy is our core area and we have two web magazines specialised in the topic and two general sites.

1) focus on projects, technology and the biocompanies globally
2) takes the reader behind the headlines and give longer stories and articles

3) is our site in Swedish with a focus on Nordic bioenergy news but also with information regarding other important energy aspects
4) is our impact site it is not focused in bioenergy specifics but more into how bioenergy is affected by other sectors or how bioenergy influence other sectors. We follow politics, economy, environment etc and and what is ongoing in other energy sectors that may affect the bioenergy business. In short we discuss the impact on and of bioenergy.

The editor is Lennart Ljungblom with a Chemical Engineering background and a 35 year professional life in media and politics with a focus on the bioenergy sector. He has been the creator and editor of three magazines, Swedish Bioenergi and Kretslopp and Bioenergy International. All magazines now sold. In parallell also a active in Swedish politics. He is now focused on internet based media and some free lance and consulting work.

A success in bioenergy need an understanding in the complexity, the nested supply chains of fuels, services and knowhow as well as the understanding of the influence from other markets and politics. Therefore communication is of vital importance.

We have readers all over the world with a focus in Europe and the Nordic countries.

Please do not hesitate to contact with information or advertisement enquiries.

Lennart Ljungblom