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Support us building the Bioenergy Gateway

So far We have released three activities:

1)The Bioenergy Directory, 2) the conBio News and Facts and

3) inBio – the interactive iPad magazine.

You find them all on

No longer on paper – only digital!

Traditional trade magazines on paper and as well as pdf files have an important role to play. We will not interfere. We want to fill in the gaps and ad an ahead looking development. Sooner or later the tablets and similar devises will become very important also for the business sector. Still it is a little early and only suitable for some. But we have the iPad magazine inBio up and running. If you have an iPad download the app and check it out.

For most of us however, the traditional computer and the smartphone is still the main digital information carrier.

Log in to and and check what we offer.

Our short time aim is the following:

1) Give the Global Bioenergy Business a face

We do this by creating the number one Directory of the Global Bioenergy Business. Every day We add new information and companies. Now in the beginning the information is basic but it is expanding fast. Be with us from the beginning – premium positions are still available. The directory will help to get an easy access to the active companies. The directory will help both the day to day business as well as policy makers to gather strategic information.

2) Provide a balanced stream of Bioenergy News and Facts.

There are for the moment to many providers of snuttified copy / pasted information. It can be somewhat difficult to judge the quality of the information. With our experience we will follow those streams and select and publish choosen and reliable bits and peaces togehter with our own News and Facts. Just visit the and see what we have and how it works.

3) Keep on developing new Digital Media.

We have already inBio – the interactive iPad magazine, and we are working on a smartphone and Android versions.

For this we need Your support.

Consider to be a conBio parTner.

We have three parTner levels. Basic, Prime and Star.

You find them on the following link. or respond directly on this e-mail or fill in the form and I will contact you directly and give the information you need.

I am looking forward to have you with us

Lennart Ljungblom,

Editor in Chief and Publisher


On top of this we will be active in the public debate in promoting bioenergy. We will work together and for our Partners and give them needed feedback.

Lennart Ljungblom. conBio developer

With the background as the founder and editor in chief of the Bioenergy International magazine the focus is now on building the conBio (”withBio”) activities.

How to become a conBio ParTner

”conBio” = Spanish for ”withBio”

What is conBio?

Think of conBio as a bioenergy communicating, connecting and promoting group of activities, not an association, just activities, supported by its partners and readers. As long as a partner like what we are doing he/she supports. There are no obligations or shared responsibilities. Key resources are in digital media. There are no nationality or regionality involved, activity is local and global.


• Develop and publish information and knowledge, especially on interactive digital media.

• Build and run the best Bioenergy Business Directory. Give the bioenergy business a face.

• Build a positive bioenergy image. Promote market and policy development, participate in the debate.

• Follow global activities of bio- for energy and industry, share information with it´s partners.

• Promote partners in external communication.

• Value the part “con” = “with”. Work with and support established organisations.

How to become a conBio parTner?

Just respond to me with an email and we take it from there,

or fill in the contact form on our web site. You can also call me on +46 70 739 01 05 or use skype: lennartljungblom.

Service level Newsmail

Newsmail & access to nBio articles

Business Directory3 Presentation

ParTner4 Presentation Dir. & inBio

ParTner4 Presentation News & Facts

Consultant Talk & write

Price7 (6 month)(Euro)











5 hours incl.







30 hours incl.


1) News e-mails are sent on a fixed basis, every- or every second week.

2) inBio articles are exclusive, only available for partners, app owners and pay by view readers.

3) The Business Directory, will develop to the main and leading Bio-business reference.

4) Partner presentation meens logo with link in the side bar on Business Directory or News & Facts websites

5) “Basic” understands limitation in size and with one image allowed,

6) “Full” includes three images and larger space as well as top listing in search list responses.

7) EARLY BIRD OFFER – Join now and you will get the remaining time for 2013 added for free.

8) All fees will be invoiced as “ads and services”, VAT# is needed.

Other ways of conBio Contributing/Participating:

During our +30 years of bioenergy connected activity, we have built and will continue to build an impressive global net of relations. Send me an email if you want to participate as a contributor.

On our web site we communicate offers for subscriptions and other activities – just register and keep on visiting and you will be the first to know.

Welcome as a conBio parTner

Stockholm / Marbella* 2013-10-10

Lennart Ljungblom


Logos are listed chronologically and by level.

Join early and you get top placement and extra time.

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