About 95 percent of the pellets produced in Germany are ENplus quality fuel

About 100 German pellet producers and traders are ENplus certified

Berlin, September 2013. The  ENplus certificate that  since it’s launch in 2009 is awarded to pellet producers and traders is a success story . About 95 percent of the wood pellets produced in Germany are now manufactured according to these strict requirements .

The German Pellet Institute ( DEPI ) estimates that around half of the traded pellets carries the quality seal. Already 26 producers in over 30 locations and 75 dealers with 200 outlets offer this high-quality fuel . Currently handed DEPI CEO Martin Bentele the 100th ENplus to Markus Man, Managing Director of the company Westerwälder Holzpellets, a symbolic signs on the ENplus 4,100 meters in front of the Alps Bishorns with the words: “We want ENplus still high! ” As future challenge is primarily the increasingly international market and the resulting quality requirements.

The certification system ENplus has established itself throughout Europe as evidence of the production of high quality wood pellets and their delivery through qualified dealers. Now in Germany was the 100th ENplus certified users . Based on individual identification numbers of each producer and trader of origin and route of pellets are traceable.

“With ENplus first time by a sign from production to delivery to the heating operators throughout the quality standard will be demonstrated. Success of the certification system ENplus quickly shows how high the importance of a quality test for pellet producers, traders and consumers alike ,” said DEPI Managing Bentele .

Storage and proper storage key quality criteria

For the purposes of the highest possible quality standards, the DEPI will monthly ask the pellet dealer for the quality criterion of ” stockpiling ” . ” ENplus traders should satisfy not only in the supply of special needs , but also in the stocks before the heating season, have a margin of safety ,” said Bentele .

The functionality of the pellet warehouse is a key factor in the consumer : Only if the main mechanical and physical requirements are met , are pellet quality and security of storage all around guaranteed. As a basis, the new edition of the storage room brochure of the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association ( DEPV) , which will be available from the end of September 2013 can be used .

Worldwide consumer safety through ENplus

” To continue to offer the consumer here in the land assured quality and thus a well-functioning heating system , we need to ENplus an internationally functioning certification system,” said Bentele . Already in ten European countries and Canada, the ENplus seal is used by 95 producers and approximately 120 dealers across national pellet associations.

The ENplus administration is placed at the European Pellet Council (EPC ) , the International Federation of Associations pellet , which is part of  the European Biomass Association AEBIOM . ” The guaranteed by ENplus pellet quality is largely responsible for that heating with wood pellets in Germany is so popular with consumers and has now reached the market ,” said Bentele .