I am pleased to let you know that the next international Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis Conference (PYRO2014) will be held in Birmingham UK from 19 to 23 May 2014.

A flyer giving basic details is attached so that you can reserve the dates in your diary

I do hope you will contribute and participate in this event and look forward to your registration on the conference site –www.pyro2014.co.uk – which will be live very soon.

In addition to myself, Emma Wylde (e.wylde@aston.ac.uk) or Irene Watkinson (i.i.watkinson@aston.ac.uk ) will be pleased to answer any questions.

Best wishes, Tony


Prof. Tony Bridgwater

Aston University Bioenergy Research Group

European Bioenergy Research Institute

Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET, UK

T: +44 121 204 3381

E: a.v.bridgwater@aston.ac.uk

W: www.aston-berg.co.uk




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