In Africa, a majority of palm oil is produced by smallholders, who are self-financed and independent, but often unorganised and uncertified. 2nd Palm Oil Africa, opening in Gabon on 17-19 October 2013, delves deep into the challenges of small-scale holders in the African palm oil industry and seeks answers to these questions –

  • How can smallholders become part of the certified palm oil supply chain?

    Solidaridad West Africa, a not-for-profit organisation supports sustainable development of farmers and production systems in West Africa. Solidaridad helps oil palm smallholders and plantations to comply with the RSPO standard. Dr. Henricus Hendrickx, Manager – Sustainable West African Palm oil Programme from Solidaridad West Africa will update you on ‘Improving the productivity, profitability and sustainability ofsmall scale oil palm farms’ with a special focus on smallholders.

  • How will Outgrower’s Scheme benefit smallholders and increase palm oil production in Africa?

    Today, Cote DIvoire is world’s 8th biggest producer of palm oil and among the top players in Africa. In 2010 alone, the country produced 400,000 tonnes of oil palm. Mr. Guillaume Franck Diby, Executive Secretary,APROSAPCI will enlighten you on how the Outgrower’s Scheme helped boost palm oil production in this country in a session titled – ‘Outgrower’s / Smallholder’s Scheme -Learning from Cote D’Ivoire’.

  • How did Ghana succeed in palm oil production?

    It is estimated that 243,852 tonnes of palm oil is being produced in Ghana, according to ministry sources of Ghana. Here is your chance to learn about the success story of Ghana. Hear Mr. Christian Foli, Program Manager, TAF Smallholder Support Program, Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) of the African Agriculture Fund (AAF) as he discusses‘Ghana – Significant contribution of the Ghanaian farmer to the oil palm industry’ with a special focus on the role of independent oil palmfarmers, smallholder scheme farmers and outgrower scheme farmers.

That’s not all. Join the global palm oil community in Gabon this month to explore the rising opportunities in Africa and meet representatives from Plantation Development Companies, Palm Oil Research Institutes, Commercial & Development Banks as well as Seed Suppliers, Private Investors, Venture Capitalists, Fund Managers, Agronomists, Breeders, Heads of Sustainability Environmental Management / Forestry Consultants, Palm/Veg Oil Procurement Managers, and many others.

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