50 000 ton pellet/y to produce biogas for heat, power and driving in a new gasification plant inaugurated in Gothenburg, Sweden

The new 50.000 t/y pellet fed gasification plant will in a year produce 160 GWh biogas, enough to run 15 000 cars. Located in the Swedish west coast city of Gothenburg it was on Wednesday 12 inaugurated by the Swedish energy minister Anna Karin Hatt.  The plant is still under upstart and is according to Åsa Burman CEO GoBiGas, short for Gothenburg Biomass  Gasification the subsidiary of Göteborg Energy that is running the plant, expected to supply gas to the grid by mid summer. During the first two years the feedstock will mostly be pellets, but the share of cheaper forest residues fuels will gradually increase.  The investment sum is 150 million Euro.

The plant consists of two main parts, the thermal gasifier supplied by Valmet, earlier known as Metso in cooperation with Repotec, followed by a gas refining step producing gas of natural gas quality with technology from Haldor Topsoe provided by Jacobs.  The refined gas will be fed into the existing gas grid and can be used for heat, power or any other gas application. For the upcoming years vehicle fuels is expected to be the largest market. The total investment sum is 150 million Euro.

After proper evaluation Göteborg Energi intends to build a full scale plant, a project already qualified for part financing by the European Union NER funding, built up by fees from ETS, the European Carbon Trading system.  However according to a statement by Göteborg Energi at the inauguration, it will even though be a further need of public production support to make this commercial scale project, a reality.

@conbio 20140312 Lennart Ljungblom