Vecoplan Wins Massive U.S. Wood Pellet Plant Order

URANIA, LA – German Pellets says it will begin construction on a new pellet production facility. The output of 1 million tons of wood pellets per year is double that of German Pellet’s just completed Woodville, TX plant, it’s.

Historically, Urania was an important location for the wood panel industry, home to a Georgia Pacific  particleboard plant. That made the location appealing, says Peter Leibold, manager of the German Pellets Group, since supply infrastructure, railway sidings, etc. are already in place. The new plant will employ 500.

Vecoplan won a €20 million contract – about $25.7 million – it’s largest ever, for components of the project including wet milling, the dryer loading and disposal, dry milling, boiler feeders and the complete handling system plan for the pellet plant. Vecoplan also outfitted the Woodville, TX plant.

The forestry industry is the second largest employer in the well-wooded state of Louisiana. The forests are managed sustainably. The new German Pellets production facility in Urania will create some 500 jobs in the region, both directly and indirectly.

For the transport of wood pellets from the Urania and Woodville sites to Europe, German Pellets will be using the harbour of Port Arthur on the Gulf of Mexico. At the deep-water port, German Pellets operates storage and loading systems.