February 13, 2013 07:30 CET

NCC Roads in Sweden has found a way to manufacture asphalt with minimal carbon emissions. If all Nordic asphalt start using wood pellets instead of oil, the industry’s carbon emissions to decline by 217,000 cars’ emissions per year.

– It is of course a reduced carbon footprint that has spurred us and that means that we are now taking the plunge and start using renewable fuel in asphalt production. Wood pellets are also a locally produced and renewable raw materials, says Göran Landgren, President of NCC Roads.

An important advantage of wood pellets is that it can be used on a large scale, without affecting food production. The raw materials are also at close range, causing the NCC and the industry in the long term can avoid long transports from oil-producing countries.

Today a total of 21 million tons of hot asphalt is produced in the Nordic countries annually, of which NCC is responsible for about one-third. For NCC, it would mean a reduction of emissions in the manufacturing process with 154 000 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to emissions from 73,000 cars annually.

The initiative for wood pellet marks a shift in the industry. The method provides a more sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing process. The technique is specially developed and patented by NCC.

– It feels really good that we are now, after several years of development, can take this technological leap and start the asphalt manufacturing of wood pellets, says Lorentz Lundqvist, technology manager for wood pellets at NCC Roads.

The first asphalt plant that shift to the new manufacturing process is in Eskilstuna. This spring, an additonal asphalt plant to be commissioned in Sweden. NCC already has several green solutions for asphalt, including recycling and lower temperatures during manufacturing. Wood pellets are a further step towards the long-term goal of becoming a zero-emission asphalt producer.

For further information, please contact:

Göran Landgren, President NCC Roads

Lorentz Lundqvist, Technical Lead pellets, NCC Roads

2012 NCC had in Sweden a turnover of 31.3 billion SEK and approximately 10,000 employees. NCC Roads’ core business is the production of aggregates and asphalt and road services.

Pellet pile
Pellet pile