Middle Eastern countries are embarking on several cleantech initiatives including investments in Algae projects.


Algae biofuels is a viable proposition for Middle East countries to offset the environmental impact by carbon-emitting industries in the region. Favorable conditions such as abundant sunlight, non-arable lands, wastewater and CO2 put the region in the forefront of algae research and cultivation. One of the early breakthroughs is that algae can be easily cultivated using produced water from oil & gas.


At CMT’s Algae World MENA Summit in Dubai on 25-27 February, we’ve secured key algae biofuels experts to share more via up-to-date presentations on:


Implementation of the Saudi Arabia Biorefinery Algae project
Identify algae species native to the Saudi Arabia coastal waters
Prof. Radhouan Ben-Hamadou, Research Associate
Centre of Marine Sciences (CIMAR)


Converting Algae Biomass to Energy Products in the UAE

– Potential for Scaling up
a) The different feeds and enhancers
b) Algae species
c) Water quality and consumption
d) Location of the pilot relative to the feed source
– Different product lines from the algae including testing of the algae biodiesel on test engine and bus
Prof. Youseh Al Hayek, United Arab Emirates University


Using produced water from oil & gas to cultivate algae
Mr. Paul Laur, Eldorado Biofuels, LLC
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Microalgae Bioindustry: from lab to demo scale. AlgaEnergy Case Study and its next milestone, the Biorefinery concept

Dr. Bernardo Llamas, R&D Manager, Algaenergy SA


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Besides the above, you can also sign up for the separately bookable “Algae and CO2 Capture (Process Economics & Cultivation Efficiency)” workshop to complement your learning at the main summit. The workshop focuses on:

  • Techno-economic analysis on the carbon capture technologies available
  • Advantages & barriers of co-locating algae pond with CO2 industrial sources
  • Developing and evaluating approaches for managing the variable nature of both CO2 emissions and algal growth rates/CO2 uptake
  • Effects of various flue gases on algae production and co-product quality

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