Brazilian Odebrecht Agroindustrial opens it´s ethanol plant in Angola
Brazilian Odebrecht Agroindustrial opens it´s ethanol plant in Angola

Brazil’s leading ethanol group Odebrecht Agroindustrial is starting the production of ethanol in Angola. To that end, it created a joint venture called Biocom where Odebrecht owns 40%, the Angolan group Damer owns another 40%, and the Angolan government oil company Sonangol owns 20%. Biocom will be the country’s first sugar producer after its independence in 1975.
Located in the province of Malange, 450 kilometers from the capital, Luanda, Biocom received investments of US$540 million and has a processing capacity of 2.25 million tons of raw material per season. The group has 34 thousand hectares of sugarcane in the country and eventually produce 32 thousand tons of sugar in the first year and is expected to reach 256 thousand tons by 2019.
In addition to sugar, the plant (photo) will produce 23 million liters of ethanol and 170 GW of power through cogeneration until 2019 cycle. The initial forecast for this year is a production of 3 million liters of ethanol and 105 GW of electricity. In the first phase, the plant will have 2,800 workers of which 94% are from Angola and 6% from Brazil, but the goal is that in its fifth year, 98% of the workforce to be from Angola.
Odebrecht Organization is a Brazilian conglomerate consisting of diversified businesses in the fields of engineering, construction, chemicals and petrochemicals. The company was founded in 1944 in Salvador da Bahia by Norberto Odebrecht, and is now present in South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.