Avianca Brasil selects Byogy to source clean aviation biofuels.

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Avianca Brasil, one of the country’s fastest-growing airlines, has announced its selection of the Byogy Renewables Alcohol-to-jet (ATJ) fully renewable aviation biofuel process to source their low carbon fuels for the future.

Byogy’s fuels are direct, ‘drop-in’ substitutes for petrol-based fuels. Based in San Jose, California, the renewable energy company produces advanced biofuels from any source of bio-ethanol.

‘The road to achieve certification of an alternative aviation fuel and reach commercial scale volume production is challenging and long. Avianca is the right partner for long journeys,’ says Kevin Weiss, President and CEO of Byogy.

Avianca has selected its Airbus A319, powered by CFMI (a partnership between General Electric and SNECMA of France) CFM56 engines, as the fleet member to be used with Byogy for advanced testing and data acquisition which will support the ATJ specification adoption process which is well underway with ASTM.

‘Byogy is most pleased to welcome Avianca to our ATJ team,’ says Weiss.