October 08, 2013   Robert Kovac, president of the Biom d.o.o. management board, and Edgar Ahn, member of the BDI management board, sign the $27 million contract for BDI to build a 30 MMgy multifeedstock biodiesel plant in Croatia.

BDI-BioEnergy Int’l AG Austrian biodiesel process technology firm BDI-BioEnergy International AG signed a deal with Biom d.o.o for construction of what BDI states is the first multifeedstock biodiesel plant in Croatia. The contract is for more than €20 million ($27.2 million). The facility is being designed with capacity at 100,000 tons (30 million gallons) per year.  The representative of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Vesna Trnokop-Tanta, has pledged full support for the project, according to BDI, and she underlined that this is an important step for Croatia in meeting the EU’s demands regarding the renewable energy directive in the fuel sector.  The plant is expected to be operational by end of next year.