The objectives of the conference is to evaluate global technology advancements and connect industrial Bio-Energy to new scientific developments.To assess the ongoing dynamics of Indian Bio-Energy economy from diverse stakeholders’ perspective for a realistic analysis of opportunities. To help policy makers investigate the evolving Indian Bio-Energy climate for sustainable policy initiatives.

The BioAsias Bioenergy confence will be held Ferbuary 18 and the program is as follows:

9:30 A.M – 10:15 A.M
Sustainability Assessment to promote holistic Bio-Energy Production-Feedstock, Technology & Regulations.

10:20 A.M – 11:20 A.M
Bio-Feedstock Supplies-comparative analysis of various feedstock sources

11:35 A.M – 12:35 P.M
BEMA: Biotechnology, Engineering, Micro-Biology and Agriculture

01:45 P.M -02:45 P.M
Industrial Bio-energy & Commercial Deployment

03:30 P.M -04:30 P.M
Regulations- New & Renewable Energy as a legislation & Directive

4:30 P.M – 05-15 P.M
Sustainable Feedstock – Drivers & Resistors

Detailed program:

More informatiopn available on the event webpage