Biodiesel Amsterdam invests in 2nd Biodiesel plant in the Netherlands

Amsterdam/ 12. December 2013 – Simadan Holding today announced an investment of over 65 million Euro in a new 2nd generation Biodiesel plant in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to increase capacity for growth in the market for biofuels from waste products . The plant will be operated by Simadan subsidairy Biodiesel Amsterdam.

The development of the plant will enable the company to significantly increase its biodiesel production capacity by 150.000 MT annually. The investment includes a Glycerin distillation factory for 50.000 MT pharmacy grade bio-glycerin per year. The new plant will follow the model Simadan has used in designing factories with ever-lower environmental impacts.

The new plant will be part of the largest ecological industrial complex in Europe. The brand new 12 hectare location includes a biodiesel factory, a tank storage terminal, a nearly 2 hectare large indoor recycling area, a Biogas factory and a tank cleaning company.

All organic waste products are turned into sustainable biodiesel, green energy and new bio materials. More than 99% of the incoming organic waste is turned into useful 2nd generation products. Products made from organic waste material incur little or no carbon debt and offer immediate and sustained green house gas advantages.

Peter Bakker, president Simadan, said “Our biodiesel has shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85% over the product’s entire life cycle when compared to fossil diesel”.

Also subsidiary Rotie has moved to this new location in Amsterdam. Rotie’s new recycling factory is equipped with state of the art techniques in order to make all recycling processes run more efficiently and sustainable. Logistic and production costs are optimized by running all processes on one location. Rotie is one of the largest collectors of organic waste in Europe.

Collected used cooking oils are turned into Biodiesel and the organic waste from restaurants and the food industry are turned into biogas and green electricity.

Chris Linderman, CEO Simadan said “No waste and energy is lost in this new location, this is what we call eco-efficiency on an industrial scale”

Simadan Holding is privately owned company and has over 250 full-time employees in The Netherlands and a turnover of 400 mln Euro per year.