Biomass Pellets Trade & Power 09-10 Sep, 2013 – Seoul

Organizers: Center for management Technology,

Preliminary Agenda (Updated as at 10 June 2013)


1. Development of Korea’s Wood Pellets Market (Industrial, Home Use, etc) & Growth OutlookProf. Gyu-Seong Han, Department of Wood & Paper Science, College of Agriculture, Life & Environments, Chungbuk National University


2. Malaysia’s National Biomass Strategy 2020: Critical Role of P.A.M. in Unlocking Malaysia’s Biomass Potential & Fulfilling Asia’s Regional Renewable Energy TargetsSenior Representative, Pellet Association of Malaysia (P.A.M.), Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM)


3. Korean Gencos’ Perspective – Current Projects (Co-Firing, Dedicated, etc), Roll-outs of Biomass Utilization for Power Generation, Expectatiions on Wood Pellet/Biomass ImportsSenior Representative, Korea Southern Power (KOSPO)

Senior Representative, Korea East-West Power (EWP)

Senior Representative, Korea South-East Power (KOSEP)

Senior Representative, Korea Western Power (KOWEPO)

Senior Representative, Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO)


4. Development of Wood Pellets Usage in JapanKen Kojima, Managing Director, Pellet Club Japan


5. Global Wood Pellets Supply – Market Dynamics & Trading OpportunitiesNicholas Tsirigotis, Manager, Renewable Fuels Trading, EDF Trading Markets Limited


6. Sourcing Sustainable Long term Supply: Wood & Non Wood Biomass for Energy Generation·        Snapshot on the Availability of Biomass Types and Supply (Amounts)

·        Comparing issues on Harvest, Collection, Procurement, Transport & in Energy Terms (rather than Weight terms)

·        Issues on Sustainability: the ‘ups and downs’ of Agricultural Activity, dealing with multiple suppliers compared direct with the plantation

·        Case studies from South East Asia

Matt Bovelander, Senior Consultant Bio Solutions, Indufor Asia Pacific


7. Biomass Supply: From Wood Pellets to Agricultural Residue (From Palm, Sugar Canes & Rice)·        Export potential to the demand source

·        Pricing and contracting

·        Specification and energy efficiency specs

·        Handling and storage challenges


Current Status & Future Landscape of Biomass Pellet in Malaysia

Joseph Lim, Managing Director, Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd.


8. Korea’s Biomass Pellet Perspective & Potential Collaboration with South East Asia RegionsJP Jaepil Song, President of Southeast Asia Divison, Eco-Frontier


9. Wood Pellet Market in Russia·        Production Capacity & Export Potential to Far East (Asia)

·        Pricing & Competitiveness, Shipping

·        Forward looking opportunities & challenges

Dr Olga Rakitova, The National Bioenergy Union, Russia


10. Fire/Explosion Prevention at Operating Pellet MillsSenior Representative, Firefly AB


11. Conversion from Coal to Wood Pellet Fired Unit: Feasibility & Technical Challenges Involved·        Conventional coal plant can be rebuild to 100% biomass much cheaper than building dedicated plant

·        Key to understand impact of alkaline content of biomass on corrosion and fluegas cleaning

·        Wood pellet storage costs means optimal logistics set-up is different from coal

Jens Price Wolf, Senior Manager, Thermal Power Asset Management & Development, DONG Energy


12. Biocoal – Bioenergy Game Changer in Asia?Andreas Teir, Director, Global BioFutures Practice, Poyry Management Consulting Oy

Bioenergy Reporter:  /LLj