The Start of the Brazilian Bioenergy Revolution

The only major, 100% Biomass-to-Power conference in Brazil

Biomass Power and Pellets is a one-stop-shop for understanding the intricacies of this market and fostering the critical local business connections that will drive your entry into this important biomass and power market.

With primary energy consumption in Brazil increasing by over 30% in the last decade, Brazil is fast becoming one of the largest energy consumers in the world.

Brazil already has one of the largest bioelectrical outputs of any country. With around 5% of national electrical power generation already coming from bio-sources, it is estimated that this figure should rise to around 18% by 2021. With a strong reliance on hydropower, an increase in biomass-fired power offers a viable option to deal with the unpredictable rainfalls during dry seasons.

The opportunities in the Brazilian biomass power sector are clearly massive. The government is actively pursuing biomass cogeneration and waste-to-energy projects and furthermore, Brazil’s pioneering forestry sector offers massive potential to service the growing European industrial pellets market.

As the only major conference in Brazil focused exclusively on the biomass power and waste-to-energy sectors,Biomass Power and Pellets is a one-stop-shop for understanding the intricacies of this massive, growing market and for fostering the key local business connections that will drive your entry into and expansion within the biomass power sector in Brazil.

Over 250 high-level delegates and 50 industry-leading speakers will gather in Sao Paulo to discuss the key factors in the evolution on the sector.

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Key themes:

  • Government, regulation and the future of the biomass and power auction systems in Brazil
  • Major industry and biomass power: off-grid and on-site industrial cogeneration
  • Captive biomass and the development of the woody biomass feedstock sector in Brazil
  • Alternative feedstocks
  • The future of bagasse fired power: how will the demand for cellulosic feedstock affect the price model?
  • Opening up a Brazilian pellets market: Torrefaction, densification and the potential for exported Brazilian pellets
  • Driving the Brazilian Waste-to-Power Sector


The Key Market-Movers All Brought Together Under One Roof

  • Government policymakers
  • Power sector regulators
  • Industrial Energy Directors
  • Local market financiers, consultants and lawyers
  • Biomass producers
  • Sugar and ethanol producers
  • Project Developers
  • Major Brazilian utilities

..all brought together with an international audience of over 200 experienced professionals.

200+ past attendees, 55% CxO/Director level attendance

• Brazilian Association of Energy Traders • Akuo Energy • Andrade & Canellas • Andritz • Areva Group • Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo • Banco Itau BBA • Banco Standard de Investimentos SA • Barcellos & Camara Bioenergia • Biogas Energia Ambiental • Biomass Users Network Brazil • BM Ingenieria Medioambiental, SL • BNDES • BRASKEM • Brazil Biomass & Renewable Energy • Brookfield Energia Renov‡vel SA • BTG BioLiquids • CENBIO • Cogen-SP Association for Cogen Industry • CTC – Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira • Dalkia Brazil • Dedini • DeROSA ENTERPRISES, Inc • Detroit Stoker Company • Dow Brazil Sa • Ecogeo Group • Econergy • EcoSecurities Brasil Ltda • Edf Trading • Energy Consulting Services • EPE • ERB – Energias Renov‡veis do Brasil • Farbitec • Fibria • Figener • FuturaGene Brasil Tecnologia Ltda • G4 Industries Ltd • GEA Engenharia de Processos e istemas Industriais Ltda • Genera spa • GMR Florestal • Grupo BMG • ICF International, Latin America • Ingenio Providencia S.A • Inovah Energia • Instituto Ekos • Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria INTA • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) • John Deere Equipamentos do Brasil Ltda • JP Morgan • KEYASSOCIADOS • KFW • Metso Power • MGM International • MWM Latin America • NAES Corporation • Nexsteppe • NFC-Brazil • Organisation of American States • Outotec Brazil • Oxiteno • Pado • Petrobras Biocombustivel • Pinheiro Neto Advogados • PREVLIFE Servicos de Previdencia Ltda • ProAlga • PSR Consultoria • Redsol Energy • Renabio • Rumos Engenharia Ambiental Ltda • SCBF • Seeger Engineering • Siemens LtdasSN Power • Spark Green Energy • STEAG Energy Services Brasil Ltda • Suzano Renewable Energy • TGM Turbinas • Thermopyla Sustainability • Total SA • Tractebel Energia • Tsi Inc. • UNICA • Unicamp • United Nations Foundation • US Embassy • Valora • Vigna Brasil • WayCarbon • Weyerhaeuser Company