We, the independent organizer BEES, are delighted to announce the programme of the high-level International Conference that will run in parallel to the Bois Energie and Biogaz Europe 2013 Exhibitions (21-24 march), in Nantes on Wednesday 20th March and Thursday 21st March.

More than 60 international speakers will cover a range of topical subjects organised into two streams, wood-energy and biogas. Simultaneous translation is provided and seating capacity is 400 per conference room

The two programmes will unite during the plenary session on Thursday 21st March morning, which will unravel the synergies and complementarities between the two sectors, with a particular focus on their keystone role in the upcoming energy transition at the local and national levels in France.


Wednesday morning: Medium and large scale innovative conversion processes (gasification, pyrolisis and cogeneration) & Medium and large scale district heating networks
Wednesday afternoon: Small district heating networks & Mini and micro-cogeneration
Thursday morning: Plenary session biogas & wood energy
Thursday afternoon: Supply chain, wood fuel and biofuels – Availability status and strategies to adapt to demand


Wednesday morning: Biowaste – French context and European landscape (regulatory frameworks and case studies)
Wednesday afternoon: Biomethane – direct injection and applications for vehicles
Thursday morning: Plenary session biogas & wood energy
Thursday afternoon: A panorama of innovations in production and usage of biogas and digestate

More info at: http://www.boisenergie.com