El Dorado River Ethanol and Power Plant
El Dorado River Ethanol and Power Plant

Gold River Ethanol Plant was inaugurated on Wednesday October 2

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The plant , called El Dorado River (Gold River )Power Plant , located in the municipality of Cachoeira Dourada , will have the capacity to grind annually 2.5 million tons of cane sugar. With this latest plant , Goiás replaced by 38 plants in its territory . The plant belongs to the SJC Bioenergy , a joint venture formed in September 2011 by Cargill , the multinational food area and the group USJ , the sugarcane industry .

The ethanol industry and sugar is the fastest growing in Goiás. The state is today  the second Brazilian producer of ethanol and the fifth largest producer of sugar. Industry decentralized , with units scattered throughout the territory of Goiás , making ethanol and sugar generated 100,000 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs.

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Director of SJC Bioenergy , Ingo Kalder reports that the Golden River Plant is devoted  exclusively to the production of ethanol and bio-energy , ie electricity generated from burning bagasse . Will be 220 ​​million liters of hydrous and anhydrous ethanol to be produced per year , which ensures the annual supply of 200,000 vehicles . The plant will generate 230 MW of power  to meet their own needs and selling the surplus.

Although the ethanol industry of the state now stands as the second volume of production in Brazil , behind only São Paulo, it is totally geared for the regional market . Andrew explains that Goiás is today the second largest consumer of ethanol in Brazil ( second only to São Paulo ), although its fleet of vehicles is only the ninth in the country.

One of the most important factors for the expansion of sugarcane in Goiás, is the policy of tax incentives from the state government , through the Fostering and Produce . But the main factor, ” is the political action of the government , through various actions , seeking to simplify the environmental legislation , seeking transparency , less bureaucracy , a permanent dialogue and frank with business entities and entrepreneurs themselves .”

Source : Goiás Now
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