Thunder Bay Power plant
Thunder Bay Power Plant

Thunder Bay Generating Station stops burning coal
The Mission Island plant was the last in the province to use coal, and will now burn biomass

The Thunder Bay Generating Station was the last remaining coal-fired power plant in the province following the shut down of the Nanticoke station at the end of December. TBGS will now make the transition to using advanced biomass (biocoal) for energy generation, with an expected annual volume of 15,000 tonnes of biocoal per year in order to meet consumer demand. Modifications to TBGS will begin later this year. The plant is expected to come back online in 2015.

The elimination of coal-fired power plants in Ontario has reduced emissions in the province by up to 30 megatons annually. The coal plants has been replaced by a mix of natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, wind and biomass energy.

The government said since 2003, its coal closure plan has eliminated up to 30 megatonnes of emissions annually.