EPS | AB Energy Canada, Canadian EPS joins AB group of companies

EPS joins the AB group of companies
August 12, 2013, Mississauga, Ont. – EPS has joined the AB group of companies, a global leader in high efficiency gas engine powered CHP systems and power plants.Gruppo AB is a global group of thirteen companies with 500 employees, has thirty years of field experience, has installed more than 800 turn-key cogeneration systems totalling 1,100 MWe, and has more than 500 plants under direct service contracts.

Gruppo AB cogeneration systems improve energy efficiency through natural gas applications in the industrial environment (Coca Cola, Nestlè, Pfizer, Ferrero, Kraft, etc.), through biogas applications (more than 400 farms, landfills and industries like Cargill and Inalca turning organic waste in biogas), through Associated Petroleum Gas applications (APG), and through greenhouse applications with the vertical expertise of Greenhouse Power Netherlands (GPN).

The company has a long-standing partnership with GE Jenbacher and carries a large stock of GEJ engines of various types and sizes.

By joining the AB Group of Companies, European Power Systems is now able to offer factory direct access to pre-engineered, modular, versatile, easy-to-install containerized modular systems for outdoor and indoor solutions. Gruppo AB’s solutions are powered by MAN and GE Jenbacher CHP systems up to 4.4 MW and can manage projects of any size.

As of August 8th, the company has changed their name as a result of joining the AB group, and will now be known as EPS | AB Energy Canada.

Source: Canadian Biomass magazine