Heat and power at the same time when Austrian ETA boiler is combined with Norwebgian CraftEngine
Heat and power at the same time when Austrian ETA boiler is combined with Norwegian CraftEngine. DI Thomas Bärnthaler and DI Peter Thonhofer at ETA’s test site

Newsletter 12.05.2014
CraftEngine now also running on biomass – successful firing at ETA Heiztechnik GmbH, Austria
Last week, Project Manager DI Michael Strassl and his team at ETA Heiztechnik GmbH had prepared the integration of the CraftEngine towards their newly developed high-temperature biomass boiler in a very professional way, and everything was well prepared for commissioning of the CraftEngine. The new boiler is supplying high temperature water to the CraftEngine, enabling cogeneration of electricity – and hot water for heating purposes.

Antonio Astara (AVL Schrick GmbH ) and Trond Bjerkan (Viking Heat Engines AS) were doing the commissioning of the CraftEngine on behalf of Viking Heat Engines. The combined system, i.e. boiler and CraftEngine, was ready for startup after only 2 hours.

The high-temp boiler has been tested out over the past year at ETA’s test facilities, delivering high temperature water to the district heating system.  The combined system was tuned in for optimal switching between normal boiler operation (i.e. heat production only) and CHP mode (i.e. the heat from boiler is routed into the CraftEngine, where a part of this heat is converted to electrical power while residual heat is routed into the district heating system). Switching between Heat- and CHP-mode went smoothly and everything was working fine. The combined system was tuned in and optimized and after a few hours of operation, an average electrical power output of 5 KW had been obtained.

BIOS Bioenergiesysteme GmbH, who has also played an important part in the project, was represented by DI Peter Thonhofer and DI Thomas Bärnthaler. DI Peter Thonhofer comments:

“The successful start-up of the CraftEngine at the ETA testing facility represents an important milestone in our development process. The high temperature application of the CraftEngine combined with ETA’s pressurised hot water boiler already shows promising electric efficiencies and we are looking forward to the upcoming tests and optimisation steps to reach an optimum performance. The first impressions are very positive and we see a wide field of future applications for this system, taking into account that biomass-based CHP plants in this small capacity range are not yet established on the market.”

Over the next couple of months the combined system will run durability tests under 24/7 operating conditions.

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