Drac obtains the 2013 Expobioenergía Technological Innovation Award
Drac obtains the 2013 Expobioenergía Technological Innovation Award

Drac obtains the 2013 Expobioenergía Technological Innovation Award

For yet another year the organizers of the 8th Expobioenergía fair, AVEBIOM and Cesefor Foundation, organized the Award for Technological Innovation aimed at recognizing and promoting initiatives that contribute to developing the sector. This time the total cash prize was shared out with €2,000 for the Winner Drac and €500 for the two Runners-up GlobslPlastic and Palazzetti in Technological Innovation.

There were 18 candidates in 2013, all in the single category, with the final award winners being:
•    The enterprise Drac, for its ‘Fuel economiser for all boiler types’, which received the 2013 Expobioenergía Award for Technological Innovation.
•    The enterprise Global Plastic which received the 1st Runner-up prize for their ‘ROTHAPELLET pellet accumulation and supply sytem’.
•    Finally the 2nd 2013 Expobioenergía Runner-up prize for Technological Innovation went to the enterprise: Palazzetti Lelio Spa, for their ECOFIRE ADAGIO pellet stove.

Fostering Bioenergy Award 2013
Promoted by AVEBIOM, this year saw the 4th Fostering Bioenergy Award. The winner is chosen in recognition of the results of actions in favour of bioenergy carried out by public or private organizations and institutions.

In 2013 AVEBIOM handed the prize over to the Castilla y León Regional Government for “the enormous work it has developed over the years to promote bioenergy, which includes such important strategic actions as the approval of the Castile and Leon Bioenergy Plan, which has made this Autonomous Community a major reference point for other regions”.

ENplus Certificates
The awards and recognition ceremony for enterprises in the sector made space for the handing over of the ENplus Certificates to the latest pellet manufacturers that have obtained this quality seal. Ribpellet, Amatex, Naparpellet, Accuore, Aplicaciones Energetiques de la Fusta, Biomasa Forestal, Galpellet and Ecowarm received the official certificate from Javier Muñoz, Regional Director of AENOR in Castile and Leon. There was also time for the first commercializing firms in Spain, Axpo Iberia and Carsán Biocombustibles, to collect their certificates.

The ENplus quality certification system is managed throughout Europe by the European Pellet Council (EPC) which transfers certification rights to national associations. In Spain this is AVEBIOM (the Spanish Biomass Energy Evaluation Association). AENOR (the Spanish Association for Standards and Certification) is the body assigned to provide ENplus certification in Spain and the only Spanish auditing institution with EPC accreditation. Certification is based on European Norm EN 14961-2 for wood pellets for non-industrial use, sorting them into three qualities (ENplus A1, ENplus A2 and ENplus B). The certification requirements are given in the certification Manual for wood pellets for heating use, which belongs to the EPC.

BIOmasud Certificates
Ramón Gavela, assistant general director of CIEMAT, had the job of handing out the BIOmasud certificates to the following enterprises: ESS (Energía Sierra Segura) and Mitrafor. AENOR has undertaken certification audits within the scope of a project developed by AVEBION and CIEMAT.

The BIOmasud quality seal is a certification system for solid biofuels for domestic heating use in the SUDOE area (Spain, Portugal and South of France) which includes both quality and sustainability requirements. This quality seal offers consumers the confidence they need to use a specific biofuel (wood pellets, wood chips, olive stones, almond shells, pine cones or pineapple skins, or mixtures of these) based on recognition of the quality system behind the production. The certification requirements are given in the BIOmasud Quality Seal Manual which can be downloaded from http://biomasud.eu/en/home

The certification system is in its pilot stage, awaiting commercial implementation at the start of 2014.
Source : Expobioenergía
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