US Blend Wall – a reality!?

An artificial wall for ethanol share in gasoline of 10 percent,  so called E10 has been argued by the oil industry as not possible to pass because of to high risks to damage todays cars. If this would be true the US ethanol production has to go down. The REA Renewable energy Alliance, an association gathering the ethanol industry argues that it is nothing else than a market protection action, behind the claims from the oil industry.
However a statement from an spokesman from EPA the environmental Protection Agency saying “the blend wall is a reality” indicates that the EPA will rule in favor for the oil industry and put a limit for ethanol. This will for certainty take the matter to court, says Reuters reporting the story. If approved, the proposed cut in the biofuel mandate in 2014 to 15.21 billion gallons from 18.15 billion would mark an historic retreat from the ambitious 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) law.