EU accelerates the development of bio-based products

AERTOs (Associated European Research and Technology Organisations) has started a two-year research project to stimulate the development of a bio-based economy in Europe. The project aims to eliminate a number of technical barriers in some of the most promising value chains.

The focus areas of the project is to develop and refine bioraffinaderiprocesser for lignocellulosic biomass (such as wood) and develop methods for the extraction of various substances from algae. More specifically, the objectives are the development processes of new products from lignin and to be able to extract sugars from cellulose for further processing into bio-based chemicals at a competitive cost.

The project, called AERTOS BBE (Bio-based Economy), will strengthen cooperation between research organizations in Europe. It will increase the actual knowledge of the topic, but also the ability of scientists to go around to the different organizations and share experiences. The project combines technology from the following partners: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tecnalia, Fraunhofer, SINTEF CEA, TNO and SP Technical Research Institute. The total budget for the project is close to 25 million SEK (2.6 million Euro).

– This project is an excellent opportunity to work closely within a highly topical area bioeconomy and we are very excited about it, says Mark Norstrom, business manager at Swedish SP Technical Research Institute.

Associated European Research and Technology Organisations AERTOS
The key actors of AERTOs are seven Major Research Organizations (VTT, TNO, Fraunhofer, CEA, SP, Tecnalia and SINTEF) from six member states (Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Spain) and one Associated State (Norway) .

Originally AERTOs was created under the ERA-Net (2008-2012). Since all the partners wanted to continue Their Successful Cooperation, The Project Continues as AERTOs Community.