According to Reuters  EU diplomats May 28, in a closed – door session backs deal to limit use of food-based biofuels at 7 percent for biofuels from food crops and do also include a 0.5 percent non bidning goal for cellulose and waste based  fuels. Next step in this ongoing issue will be at the EU ministers June meeting later followed by a Parliament process later in the autumn.

The compromise backed on Wednesday includes a 0.5 percent non-binding target for next generation biofuels, which environment campaigners say is nowhere near enough according to Reuters.
This strategy is met by strong critisism as well as by applauds.Todays producers claim the investments in the busines already has stopped and jobs will be lost.  Developers of new technology say the non-binding goals are totally not satsifying. The result will stop the development acording to the industry.