Expobioenergía opens up the second discount period with 50% of exhibition space hired

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A second registration period is now starting with discounts up to 45%, until the 15th of April.

Expobioenergía 2013 ended the first discount period in February with a positive balance. 50% of available exhibition space was taken during the initial period, when discounts could be accumulated up to 75% in most cases.

Practically half of last year’s exhibitors have already decided to return and they have benefited from discounts aimed at ‘early-birds’. What is more, most of the ‘repeaters’ have been encouraged to increase their presence at the fair and will be taking part with more square metres than in 2012. With regards the activities in the sector being represented, there are pellet and wood stoves and fireplaces; household boilers; industrial equipment, piping and installations; producers and distributors of pellets, briquettes and chips; equipment for pellet production; pellet distribution vehicles, and agricultural and forestry equipment.

The organisers – AVEBIOM and Cesefor Foundation – have now opened the second and final discount period, in which they are still offering advantageous conditions to exhibitors:

  • A discount of 30% on the amount for exhibition space to companies that formalize participation by 15th April.
  • During the whole inscription period, and until the final deadline for registration on 15th June, Avebiom partners will also be able to take advantage of an additional 15% discount, which will  be deducted from the price of the metres of exhibition space hired.

The unstoppable growth of biomass heating installations
The good receptions that this year’s Expobioenergía is receiving, and the significant participation of exhibitors is just a reflection of the growing popularity of biomass heating applications, which are being implemented at an unstoppable pace. According to the National Biomass Boiler Observatory in Spain the country now has almost 4,000 MW of installed biomass heating. Furthermore, pellet production capacity now exceeds 800,000 tn/year, which guarantees supply in Spain at a stable price.

In both the domestic and industrial spheres, the exponential growth of biomass facilities in recent years has been in response to constant price rises in fossil fuels such as gas or oil.

For large-scale energy consumers, there has been outstanding use of biomass in the hotel, housing and public-sector industries. The farming and food industry also has thousands of installations in farms, wineries, cheese factories, bakeries, oil mills, canning facilities, fodder and tomato dehydrators, to name but a few.

There is great potential among large-scale consumers in Spain, where there are over 30,200 agriculture and food enterprises. These industries require significant amounts of energy for their processes. For example, the dairy industry can need up to 884 kW/h per ton of produce; or abattoirs, where the need can reach up to 220 kW/h per ton of produce. As these are industries with heavy energy demands, the savings derived from biomass use can often exceed 50% of the energy costs arising from the use of fossil fuels.

Wholehearted backing from many of these companies for biomass shows that it is possible to reduce energy bills and face the future with guarantees that hikes in fossil fuel prices will not have a negative impact on an enterprise’s results.

Source : Expobioenergía