Torrefied pellets archive photo

First torrefied pellets in UK produced by Sea2Sky Energy

September 30, 2014, Sea2Sky produced, for the first time in the UK, torrefied wood pellets, reports managing director Richard Walton in his blog. He continues

“This achievement is the culmination of 6 years of R&D, hard work, successes, failures, and everything in between.”

” We’ve now come to the point that we can take it to commercialisation.”

He reports that the bio-coal pellets are dense, hard and durable, and will be, in their view, the future of biomass energy carriers. The company is now able to make volumes of the product for trials and testing, and have initiated this with the first 6 boiler manufacturers.

In the next couple of months, Sea2Sky will have this refined fuel certified for use in RHI supported boilers. The first production will be fed into the Bio-GEN system that will be installing at the Care home the company were just awarded the contract for from the NHS.