Nordic Pellet INdex by Foex
Nordic Pellet INdex by Foex


FOEX Indexes Ltd – PIX Bioenergy – June 18, 2013

Grade Index Value Change Confidence interval

Pellet Nordic CIF EUR/MWh 29.78 – 0.85 28.81 – 30.75

SEK/MWh 255.29 – 3.38

Pellet Market

– Hawkins Wright’s Forest Energy Monitor reports, that the European pellet
markets have been relatively quiet, and industrial pellet prices have been rather stable and at the
same level all year. They also suggest that in the Netherlands a significant drop in pellet
consumption is to be expected, as co-firing is not supported by current legislation. New
legislation is expected to be announced, but probably not before 2015.

The Finnish industrial pellet consumption is expected to keep its moderately risen level, as
Helsingin Energia will keep on co-firing pellets on a 5-7% share also in the next heating season
starting in the autumn. The tests show, that this is the maximum level of pellet mixture without
any more investments for modifications. In the autumn, in addition to the previous domestic
pellets, other pellet qualities will be also tested.
Latvia-based Latgran is expected to start shipments from their new plant in June. Germany will
obviously be one of the target markets, in addition to the Nordic area, the home region of the
company’s Swedish and Finnish owners.
The prices reported to us for the May pellet business were slightly lower than in April. Our PIX
Pellet Nordic benchmark went down by 0.85 euro, or by 2.78%, closing at 29.78 EUR/MWh.
The monthly average of the euro strengthened against the Swedish Crown by 1.5% from April
to May. In SEK the index value lost 3.38 SEK, or 1.3%, landing at 255.29 SEK/MWh.

Source: Foex

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