In the context of an energy convergence, we have the pleasure to announce to you our 3 events which will be held in Nantes (Eastern France), in March 2015.
Salon Bois Energie 19-22th March : everything you need to know about wood energy, from the forest to the fire
Biogaz Europe 19-20th March : the biogas reference event in France
Hypac Expo 19-20th March : a pioneering event for hydrogen energy and fuel cell solutions

The Bois Energie Expo in a nutshell:

The Bois Energie Expo ‘from the forest to the flame’:

The benchmark event for the entire French wood-energy sector
All the industry represented: wood/forestry equipment, wood fuel production, district and industrial heating, domestic heating,…
400+ exhibitors and represented companies, coming from 20 countries
15,000+ visitors expected : professionals (Thursda-Friday) and general public (Saturday-Sunday)
700+ wood heating appliances and 350+ wood fuel production machines on site
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Biogaz Europe in a nutshell:

150 international exhibitors and and represented companies expected
More than 7000 professional visitors expected for the three parallel events: energy professionals, policy makers, local authorities, project managers of hydrogen, biogas and wood energy sectors
A rich program : conferences, International Business Meetings, study tours, innovation Competition
Click here to read more about Biogaz Europe.

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