DEPV index at 246.53 EUR in August

Berlin, August 18, 2014 Wood pellets prices are still low in August.

The German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) has reported average cost of 246.53 EUR a ton (t) of wood pellets in August. The prices are 2.10 EUR less than last month and 10 percent less than in August 2013.  One kilogram of wood pellets reaches 24.65 cents a kilowatt hour (kWh) of heat from pellets for 4.93 cents. The price advantage to fuel oil is 36.6 percent.

“Those who have not yet filled the pellet storage for the winter, should quickly send the order to a certified ENplus dealer.” recommends Martin Bentele, CEO of DEPV. Wood pellets are cheaper in summer.  A list of all certified ENplus dealers are there on the website

In August 2014 this is the regional differences: In central Germany Pellets cost at 6 t purchase quantity 243.69 EUR / t, in North / East Germany  244.98 EUR / t and in the south  247.95 EUR / t.

Larger quantities (26 t) were traded in August 2014 to the following conditions: North / East: 230.46 EUR / t, center: 228.82 EUR / t, South: 233.17 EUR / t (all incl.).

DEPV Index
The DEPV price index is published on a monthly basis since the beginning of 2011. It refers to the average price in Germany for a ton of pellets of quality class ENplus A1 (6 t blown loose, delivery within 50 km, incl. All associated costs and VAT.). For the DEPV the German Pellet Institute (DEPI) raises the pellet price by region and by sales volume.