The German Pellets Group is investing in the expansion of its raw material supply. A new roundwood-processing line is currently being commissioned at the Wismar site. Four million euros have been invested by the pellet producer.
The new processing line can debark and chip 100 metric tons of roundwood per hour, the amount of wood required to produce 50 metric tons of high-quality wood pellets.

“With the new processing line, we are no longer dependent on seasonal fluctuations in the production outputs of the sawmill industry and can guarantee a steady supply of high-quality wood pellets for our customers year round,” said Claudia Röhr, spokesperson for the German Pellets Group. The pellets manufactured in Wismar are sold primarily in neighbouring Denmark, as well as on the growing private market in Northern Germany.

The new roundwood-processing line has been built directly adjacent to the existing pellet plant and is connected to the pellet production facility via a conveyor system. The centrepiece of the new roundwood line is a drum chipper that can reduce entire tree trunks into wood chips of pre-defined size and quality. Prior to the chipping process, logs are debarked in a tunnel debarker.

The Wismar plant of German Pellets has been using roundwood for the production of heating pellets and animal bedding products for several years. The latter are marketed by the subsidiary German Horse Pellets.