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Germany: “80 percent renewables – not a problem”

Boris Schucht.

Boris Schucht.

“80 percent renewables – not a problem”

There is much more flexibility in the German power grid to cope with renewables development than currently needed, said Boris Schucht, CEO of transmission system operator 50Hertz in an interview with Germany daily newspaper der Tagesspiegel. “The idea that the integration of renewable energy immediately calls for more system flexibility [is] a myth. We have much more flexibility in the system than we need. […] it will last until 2030 or even 2040.” Schucht is confident that 50Hertz will be able to integrate 70 to 80 percent of renewables “without additional flexibility options” in the future. He said that the company had for the first time succeeded in February to use wind power as control power to balance out generation and consumption.

Read the interview in German here.

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