Moderate price development in the last quarter of 2013 and high availability of pellets in the heating season 2013/2014

Berlin, 17 December 2013. The winter can come, the pellet storages are well filled according to the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association ( DEPV ). The price increase from October to December was moderate 1.1 per cent to 285.61 EUR / ton (t). One kilogram of wood pellets obtained on average for 28.56 Eurocents equals 5.83 cents/kWh. The price advantage over fuel oil is 23.3 percent. DEPV has gathered nationwide information from producers and pellet trade and the storages are currently filled very well , so that even with a long winter a regulated supply is secured.
Record high production
It is also  high production volumes. DEPV estimates a total production of 2.3 million tonnes for 2013 , which would mean a slight increase over the previous year. Germany still remains at the forefront of the international pellet producers.
According to recent data from the European Biomass Association AEBIOM the global pellet production in 2012 amounted to approx. 22 million tonnes. Germany was with 2.2 million tonnes following USA as the second largest producer .  Consumption in the heating sector in Germany was in 2012 1.7 million tonnes. Italy was first with 2.5 million tonnes and the US consumtion was  2.3 million tonnes. A total of almost 8 million tonnes of pellets were used for heat generation in 2012 in the EU. For 2013, the DEPV estimates a pellet consumption in Germany for heat to 2 million tonnes .Prices for pellets in Germany

The lowest pellet prices are still in northern and eastern Germany with 281.81 EUR / t for a 6 ton order quantity: In the current pellet price for December 2013, there are as usual regional differences. In the center of Germany prices are at average 284.19 EUR per ton and in southern Germany 286.83 EUR / t .
Larger quantities (26t) were traded in 2013 to the following conditions : North / East : 263.91 EUR / t , center: 269.38 EUR / t , South : 272.81 EUR / t (all including VAT )DEPV Index
The DEPV price index is published on a monthly basis since the beginning of 2011 . It refers to the average price in Germany for a ton of pellets of quality class ENplus A1 (decrease blown 6 t loose , delivery within 50 km , including all associated costs and VAT ) . For the DEPV the German Pellet Institute ( DEPI ) raises the pellet price by region and by sales volume .