German Pellet Association  presents updated prestanda for 135 pellet boilers in sizes from under 15 kw to  300  kW
Berlin , 05 December 2013. The German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV ) recently presented individual energy-related characteristics of  main pellet boilers. They can be downloaded and used by energy consultants , planners, and other interested parties from the website of the Association. For EnEV and KfW evidence the characteristic values ​​can be used directly instead of the deprecated DIN standard values ​​. The DEPV publication comprises a total of 135 types of boilers in the power range up to 300 kilowatts (kW).

For objective assessment of economic efficiency of boilers realistic figures for the comparison of different heating systems are important. So far, for the pellets the energetic evaluation of heating standard according to DIN V 4701-10 was clearly poorly rated . The reason for this was the use of default values ​​that don´t comply with the far more energy efficiency of today´s  pellet units. The hot water production is up to a good 25 percent to a high final energy demand . This increases as pellet boilers in calculations according to DIN V 4701-10 the pellet needs to the same extent , for the average residential house,  a ton annually.

135 boilers from 13 manufacturers

The DEPV has now remedied and queried by 13 boiler manufacturers, the energy consumption figures for their continuous range of pellet boilers  The manufacturer parameters can be used for public documents as well as for the energy consulting. There are a total of 135 types of boilers .

  • 41 boilers are in the power level < 15 kW ,
  • 72 boilers between 15 < 50 kW ,
  • 14 boilers have an output of 50 kW < 100 kW
  • and 8 boiler types are > 100 kW.

The survey can be accessed on the Internet. Another publication not just a technical data will shortly be presented with sample calculations by DEPV. The values ​​are also currently incorporated in the common market software programs.

Direct link to the excell file

The DEPV, German Energy Wood and Pellet Association represents the interests of German pellet and wood energy sector, boiler and furnace manufacturers, producers of pellets and other energy wood assortments, component manufacturers and distribution partners.