Pellet prices in Germany
Pelelt prices compared to heating oil in Germany

Germany: Wood pellets storages are well filled and prices are slowly shrinking

The mild winter has resulted in well filled pellets storages, says Martin Bentele from the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) when presenting their monthly price statistics. During 2013 prices have slowly increased, but now in January again started to fall. One ton ENplus pellets costs in average 283,74 Euro having a price benefit compared to heating oil of 30,1 percent.

As usual prices are lower in the north, where 1 ton pellets in a delivery of 6 t costs 278 Euro. In the south the cost is somewhat higher, 286 Euro.  When buying larger quantities in the DEPV index sets the northern price to 261 Euro and the southern to 273 Euro.
The German pellet producers expect in 2014 a further increase of the total production to reach 2.35 million tons.

DEPV Index
The DEPV price index is published on a monthly basis since the beginning of 2011. It refers to the average price in Germany for a ton of pellets of quality class ENplus A1 (decrease 6 t blown loose, delivery within 50 km , including all associated costs and VAT)

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