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The representative entity SRB – Sociedade Rural Brasileira (Brazilian Rural Association) and DATAGRO consulting are honored to welcome every one interested in the Global Agribusiness Forum, meeting that gathers the greatest exponents of global agriculture, discussing sustainability, globalization and the growth challenges of the industry.
You’re our guest, through this site, the topics discussed, the panelists and the proposals that will be made to ensure a secure future for the planet’s agricultural chain. Our interest is to promote a serious debate and committed to results. To this end, it is important to know a little of our history, as specified below.

The SRB – Sociedade Rural Brasileira (Brazilian Rural Association) is the developer of the Global Agribusiness Forum. The entity with associated members represents the rural class, and keeps assets in 21 sectoral departments, consisting of the main rural activities and integrates the largest Brazilian agribusiness decision forums. For nearly a century it works as political negotiating agent of the agribusiness with strategic industry stakeholders.
DATAGRO, company organizer and curator of the Global Agribusiness Forum, is the world’s leading sugar and ethanol consulting company and one of the largest in agribusiness. It produces innovative and differentiated analyses, providing tools for a better understanding of the market, adding value to the commercial and strategic positioning of its clients. For nearly three decades the company has advised governments and private companies in initiatives related to energy planning, industry deregulation, integration and trade disputes.