Largest forum on agribusiness in the world will discuss sustainability

Datagro , largest consulting firm in sugar and ethanol in Brazil, in partnership with the Brazilian Rural Society, the representative body of farmers around the country, promotes the 24th and 25th of March next year, at Hotel Grand Hyatt in Sao Paul , the Global Agribusiness Forum 2014 at the main event in the world of agribusiness.

The meeting will bring together leading industry experts to discuss solutions and long term strategies. Among those confirmed are already CEOs of international organizations cocoa, sugar ( and ethanol ), coffee and grains, as well as business leaders and ministers from many countries agricultural farming.

The objective of the Global Agribusiness Forum is to integrate producers and consumers, adding value to production and increase productivity, ensuring food supplies for a world with increasing demand. Volume , sustainability, quality, traceability and reliability of supply are the main points to be discussed. The results will be compiled into an official document will be handed to authorities around the world.

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