Germany Winter prices for wood pellets is about a third cheaper than fuel oil.  The DEPV index for February is 269.25 EUR / t a rice of 2.8 percent in a month.


Berlin 19, February 2013.

The low log supply to sawmills in Germany leads in February for a continued pellet price rise. A ton wood pellets in Germany costs an average of 269 Euro. According to the index of the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) is the price of a tonne is 2.8 percent more than in January 2013. Compared to fuel oil the price of pellets is 36 percent cheaper.

“Although the pellet price during the year is currently at a high level, it is still a third lower than the price of oil, “said Martin Bentele, managing Chairman of the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV). “For residential customers is however the price of limited relevance, since the majority of consumers filled their pellet storages already in the summer, “said Bentele further.

DEPV index is the average price for wood pellets in Germany.

In the north and East Germany the price for purchase of a quantity of 6 tons pellets is 262.71 EUR per ton, in the center 269  EUR per ton and in southern Germany where the largest consumption is 270.75 EUR /.

Larger quantities (26 tons) were traded in February 2013 on the following terms:
North / East: 249.14 EUR / t, center: 253.28 EUR / t, South: 255.86 EUR / t.