Pix Nordic Pellet Index January 21 2014
Pix Nordic Pellet Index January 21 2014

FOEX Indexes Ltd – PIX Bioenergy – January 21, 2014

Grade Index Value Change Confidence interval
Pellet Nordic CIF EUR/MWh 29,75 – 0.13 29.19 – 30.31
SEK/MWh 266.55 + 1.21

Index is based on previous month’s data.
For price conversion between price per ton and price per MWh, a coefficient of 4.8 is used, if not otherwise informed by the price provider.

The prices reported to FOEX for the December pellet business were partly flat and partly included some changes, this time a bit more upwards. The strengthening of the Euro against the Swedish Crown by 0.9% from November average to December average, showed its negative effect on the EUR value and the positive impact on the SEK value. The PIX Pellet Nordic benchmark went down by 13 cents, or by 0.44%, and closed at 29.75 EUR/MWh. In SEK, the pellet index value went up to 266.55 SEK, rising by 1.21 SEK, or by 0.46%, from the previous month’s value.

The price gap between industrial pellets (CIF ARA) and delivered residential heating pellets (Germany) widened throughout the year 2013, FOEX quoting Hawkins Wright Forest Energy Monitor. The differential is now about 150 EUR/ton. Even though the industrial pellet prices remained relatively flat throughout the year, the rise in domestic/small-scale user heating pellet prices has resulted to this widening price difference.