Five different machines for preparing of biomass

On 5 June 2013 the largest international forestry trade fair, Elmia Wood, will open in Jönköping, Sweden. One question will dominate the discussions: How can the growing world demand for energy wood be met sustainably, now and in the future? There is no question that the demand for alternative fuels like forestry residue, used wood and woody cuttings will continue to rise rapidly. For this biogenic raw material to be an efficient and environmentfriendly energy source, it must be processed energy-efficiently and without compromising its structure. The new L3-L star screen, the Crambo dual-shaft shredder and the Stonefex stone separator by Austrian-German machine manufacturer Komptech set the benchmark in this area. At Elmia Wood, they can be seen in use at Stand 805.

Komptech0836 Crambo - Dual-shaft shredder for wood and green waste

Crambo dual-shaft shredder

The high performance of the Crambo dual-shaft shredder has much to do with its extra-large shredding compartment where 2.8 metre long counter-rotating drums actively draw in the material, which is usually bulky and coarse. As they pull it in they press it against the cutting ledge and the screen baskets underneath it, splitting and cutting the material. The slow speed of the drums minimizes fine fractions and reduces dust and noise emissions. The Crambo is also highly resistant to contraries, a great advantage in use. The proven quick-change screen basket system ensures that the material is shredded to the desired granular size.

Komptech0837 Crambo: Bio-Basket XL


Crambo: Even better with the Bio-Basket XL
The newly developed Bio-Basket XL consists of a modified screen basket cartridge, bio-cutter and widemesh screen basket. Its large 640 x 200 mm holes prevent material from circling around in the shredding compartment, so that the woody biomass output retains the desired coarse structure. Thanks to the low friction losses there is no extra fine fraction, so that the output is of high quantity and quality. The hydraulic drive and load-dependent speed control ensure that the Crambo always works at maximum output while using fuel extremely efficiently. The new Bio-Basket XL reduces the already low fuel fuel consumption even further, so that with this screen basket the Crambo uses up to a third less fuel for processing green cuttings. At the same time, throughput is about 30 percent higher.

Komptech0838 Star screen Multistar L3-L and stone separator Stonefex


The Multistar L3-L star screen now with 50 percent larger screening surface

The Multistar L3-L is the ideal screener for woody biomass. This star screen is mounted on a central-axle trailer chassis for mobility. It has two screening decks that separate the input material into three sizes in just one pass. The coarse screen of the L3-L is 50 percent larger than that of the Multistar L3, giving it the advantage for wet, difficult biomass. The additional screening surface handles even clogging-prone materials like fresh and green compost, biological compost and sewage sludge compost, without compromising separation precision or throughput. The rotating elastic screening stars on the coarse screening deck move along the material horizontally, while they pull it apart and unstick it. Anything that cannot fall out through the defined spaces between the stars goes on to a wide output conveyor as the coarse fraction. The material that falls through goes to a fine screening deck where smaller stars separate it into medium and fine fractions by the same method.

CLEANSTAR® prevents screen clogging

The L3-L uses Komptech’s patented CLEANSTAR®, a simple and effective self-cleaning system for the screening decks. All of the screening stars have a wear-resistant cleaning finger. With each rotation of the star, the finger removes sticking material from the screening surface, reliably protecting the deck from material accumulations and clogs.


 Stonefex: No more stones

Despite thorough shredding and drum screening, it is often not possible to completely eliminate stones, which reduce the quality of the fuel and also lead to increased wear. This is where the new Stonefex mobile stone separator from Komptech comes in. The biomass is first shredded to the desired size, and then fed into the Stonefex’ separating chamber. Here, the stones are separated out of the biomass fraction under controlled air pressure and flow conditions, quickly and dependably. The Stonefex achieves a separation efficiency of over 90 percent. This makes it possible to make fuel out of woody biomass that was formerly deemed unsuitable or financially risky due to its high stone content.

Chippo 5010 Cd mobile chipper: Improved cooling system assures maximum performance

The experts are still discussing how the growing world demand for energy wood can be met sustainably, now and in the future. But they all agree on one thing: Without innovative, efficient and economical chippers, a large-scale supply of energy wood is not possible. The Chippo 5010 Cd mobile universal chipper is  exemplary in terms of performance and economy. It’s truck-mounted and driven by a 484 hp truck engine. The Chippo 5010 Cd’s newly developed and patented cooling system deserves special attention. It consists of a blockage-free external water radiator and a wide-mesh intercooler with agricultural machinery fins. With this new cooling system, Komptech boosts the cooling performance of Chippo carrier vehicles by about 20 percent. That means the truck’s engine can work in its optimum temperature range even under high load for many hours to provide full power to the Chippo 5010 Cd. Despite working at maximum power the fuel consumption remains relatively low. The large drum is one of the keys to the Chippo 5010 Cd’s high performance. Other characteristics of this mobile chipper are its aggressive intake system, quick screen basket change system, and the horizontal and vertical intake rollers. Every Chippo has two chipping modes. At 400 rpm drum speed it chips trunks up to 75 cm (30”) thick. For bulky shrub wood, the load-dependent intake and a higher 560 rpm drum speed enable maximum throughput.

KomptechIMG_0834 Universal shredder Axtor 8012


The Axtor 8012: One machine, two chipping concepts

The Axtor 8012 universal chipper also sets standards in the processing of woody biomass. Powered by a 780 hp Caterpillar C18 engine, it attains a throughput of up to 400 loose cubic metres per hour. The Axtor has two working modes. As a high-speed machine in shredding mode, it prepares green cuttings for composting, using free-swinging teeth. In reduced-speed chipping mode, it outputs uniform-sized fuel for thermal power plants.

The Axtor can handle materials from untreated used wood to green cuttings, brush cuttings, bark, trunks, pre-sized rootstocks and forestry residue. It has a long feed ramp open to the front that can be loaded from both sides. Its aggressive material intake is also remarkable, with two horizontal and two vertical intake rollers that provide positive capture and feed of material to the drum. At the Elmia Wood international trade fair, the Axtor 8012 will be presented for the first time as a tractor-trailer with a 7.5 m long feed area.

For more information visit or see it at the Elmia Wood international trade fair at booth 805.

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