Interactive Global map of torrefaction projects

Nurminen, F., Schorr, C.:

Fiia Nurminen. Project Engineer at Miktech Oy
Finnish wood bioenergy cluster Biosaimaa has listed the torrefaction projects worldwide. The listing includes various types of projects, the torrefaction equipment in operation and the ones still on the drawing board. The map is approximate, and inaccuracies are likely. It will be updated frequently, and the update proposals are welcome.

Listing incudes laboratory scale torrefaction equipments, pilot plants and large scale torrefaction units, the planned plants and the ones in operation. The default view of the map shows the units of different scales with different coloured marks, blue tag being laboratory scale, green tag pilot scale and yellow tag commercial scale unit. The locations of the tags are approximate.

More information and update proposals:
Project Engineer Fiia Nurminen | fiia.nurminen(at)