In an earlier post we have presented the new UK rules for sustainable biomass.

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The criteria proposed by the Government will be based on the UK Timber Procurement Policy Principles, it said. Different criteria will apply depending on when the plant was accredited for RO support, according to a Government policy document (53-page / 556KB PDF). Waste biomass feedstocks will not be subject to the requirements in recognition of their “inherently sustainable nature over virgin biomass materials”, Ross said.

The Government announced in December that it would cap subsidies for dedicated biomass once 400MW of generating capacity was built or accredited under the RO. Places within that cap will be allocated using a notification process, as consulted on earlier this year. Projects that reached financial close by 20 August are being treated as ‘priority’ projects by the Government, and may now apply for a place within the cap. Other projects will be able to apply from 11 September onwards.