Rising CO2 prices and falling electricity prices in February
Fortum’s research department takes each month prepared summaries of developments in the energy market . Fortum does not make any calculations or give forecasts about future price developments , for example, electricity and fuel.

In the Nordic power exchange , both the spot price of electricity and the price of future electricity in February dropped because of the warm weather and falling coal prices . A rising CO2 price has offset the price decline in electricity to some extent.

The average spot price of electricity in the Nordic countries during February was 30.2 Euro / MWh, which was 1.5 Euro / MWh lower than market expectations at the beginning of the month. The price of electricity in 2015 fell by 1.5 Euro / MWh and landed at 30.9 Euro / MWh ( 28.2 ) . CO2 prices continued to rise in February , about 1.6 Euro / tonne to 7.2 Euro / ton, due to the fast process to move auctioning allowances to the future in order to reduce the current surplus of emission allowances (called ” backloading ” ) . It is now certain that the launch of auctioning allowances will be implemented in March 2014.

It’s been about 5 ° C warmer than normal in those areas in the Nordic countries where the temperature affects the power consumption and thus the spot price of electricity. It has been slightly more precipitation than normal , about 9 % more than normal in those areas in the Nordic countries where hydropower is available. The level in the reservoirs was 47.2% at the end of February, which was 1.3 % lower than the median for the period 1990 to 2012 , but the deficit compared with the median is virtually unchanged from the end of January .