Join us in Portland, Maine on April 9-11, 2014 for the region’s premiere heating event: Northeast Biomass Heating Expo 2014.

Now in our sixth year, we expect hundreds of attendees from more than 30 states to join us to learn about biomass heating and cooling, and the unique opportunities it presents for the state of Maine and the entire northeast region of the U.S.

Twice the space, plus an expanded audience
This year’s expo hall will hold double the vendors we’ve had in previous shows, and new attendees will include state/local energy officers, heating/cooling installers, construction firms, economic development officers, and more.

What’s covered

  • Equipment costs and financing
  • Facility tours
  • Real estate and insurance
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Regulations and permitting
  • Much more

Don’t miss out
Mark your calendars now to join us in Portland, Maine on April 9-11, 2014.

Visit for more information.