Pellet prices Germany March 2013
Pellet prices Germany March 2013

Pellet price is in March at 272.02 EUR / t – Germany remains

Berlin 18, March 2013.

The unusually cold and prolonged winter weather reflected further in March in a relatively high price pellet. A Kg pellets in Germany costs an average of 27.20 cents, a kilowatt-hour (kWh) of heat from pellets 5.55 cents. As the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) reported that the price for a ton currently at 272.02 EUR, which is 1 percent more than in the previous month. The price advantage for heating oil is 32 percent in March. The production volumes in Germany rose in 2012. Germany remains according to recent figures the Federal Statistical Office net exporter of wood pellets.

In 2012, Germany remains a net exporter of wood pellets. The trade  surplus of the pellet export was more than 92 million  Last year around. 2.2 million tonnes of pellets produced in Germany. More than 100,000 tons of wood pellets from German production was exported  to each Denmark, Austria and Italy. More than 50,000 tonnes was exported to Poland, Sweden and the UK. Germany imported pellets from Denmark and Austria (83,000 t) (30 900 t). 

DEPV Index 

DEPV the index of the average price for wood pellets in Germany was in March 272.02 EUR / ton. The DEPV price index is since the beginning of 2011 published on a monthly basis. It refers to the average price in Germany for a Ton pellet quality ENplus class A1 and DINplus (decrease 6 t loose blown, delivery within 50 km, including all utilities and taxes).

The German Energy Wood and Pellet Association  represents the interests of the German pellet and wood energy sector. Boiler and furnace manufacturers, producers of wood pellets and other energy ranges, Component manufacturers and distributors are organized in this Federation.