Falling prices in northern and eastern Germany
Wood pellets slightly cheaper in January

Berlin, 17 January 2014. The average price of wood pellets is slightly decreased according to the monthly report by the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV ).  One ton pellets as a national average currently costs 284.93 EUR . This is 0.2 percent less than in December. Compared to fuel oil , the price advantage of wood pellets is currently at 28.6 percent.

” The wood supply is currently very high and we expect for 2014,  a high domestic pellet production ,” explains Martin Bentele , Executive Chairman of DEPV .

Lowest prises are still in northern and eastern Germany and regional differences in prices can be found . There will cost a ton of 273.96 EUR , for 6 t ordered . In the center of Germany , the price is on average 285.84 EUR per ton and in Southern Germany 286.78 EUR / ton .
While buying larger quantities (26 t) in January 2014 prises were: North / East : 254.35 EUR / t , center: 267.05 EUR / t , South : 271.94 EUR / t (all including VAT )

DEPV Index
The DEPV price index is published on a monthly basis since the beginning of 2011 . It refers to the average price in Germany for a ton of pellets of quality class ENplus A1 (decrease blown 6 t loose , delivery within 50 km , including all associated costs and VAT ) . For the DEPV the German Pellet Institute ( DEPI ) raises the pellet price by region and by sales volume.