PIX Pellet Nordic CIF 19.11.2013 :

EUR/MWh 29.89 (-0.08 from previous month), SEK/MWh 261.47 (+1.46 from previous month)


Pix Pellet Nordic index November 2013. Index is based on previous month’s data.
For price conversion between price per ton and price per MWh, a coefficient of 4.8 is used, if nototherwise informed by the price provider.


Pellet Market –

The industrial pellet prices in the Nordics have been quite stable throughout the year. Demand has risen but so has external supply. The PIX Pellet Nordic benchmark has stayed on the quite same level with no distinct trend visible and many of the index movements
have been caused by currency value changes, especially since late spring. The approaching peak heating season in the Nordics has not yet shown much impact on the index, either.

The industrial pellet market in Europe has been clearly impacted by the growing volumes imported from the US this year. When the ARA/UK-region demand has temporarily decreased, the US pellets have been increasingly targeted to the Central European markets where the demand has been quite firm and the supply situation tight.

The Nordic industrial pellet markets have been quite stable, and most of the growth in supply volumes to Nordics has come from the Baltic Countries and Russia. Russian total pellet production capacity has been growing, and new pellet line/plant projects have been published.
Part of the future Russian pellet production growth is expected, or hoped, to be exported to the growing Asian pellet markets, such as China, Japan and South Korea in addition to the European markets, which still have a growth momentum from the EU 2020 targets.

The prices reported to us for the October pellet business were partly flat and partly included changes rather evenly divided to both directions. In October, the monthly average value of the Euro went back up against the Swedish Crown by 0.8% from the September average, meaning a
negative effect on the EUR value and positive on the SEK value. The PIX Pellet Nordic benchmark went down by 8 cents, or by 0.27%, and closed at 29.89 EUR/MWh. In SEK, the pellet index value went up in to 261.47 SEK, rising by 1.46 SEK, or by 0.56%, from the previous month’s value.



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