FOEX Indexes Ltd – PIX Bioenergy – August 20, 2013

Grade Index Value Change Confidence interval

Pellet Nordic CIF EUR/MWh 29.99 + 0.14 29.25 – 30.73

SEK/MWh 259.74 + 0.53

The prices reported to us for the July pellet business were in most cases unchanged but also included some changes to both directions, the upward ones being in a slight majority. Our PIX Pellet Nordic benchmark went up by 14 cents, or by 0.47%, and closed at 29.99 EUR/MWh. The monthly average value of the Euro weakened against the Swedish Crown by 0.3% from June to July. In SEK, the pellet index value moved to 259.74 SEK, i.e. up by 0.53 SEK, or by 0.21%, from the previous month’s value.

Pellet Market –

Pellet imports from the US to Europe are reported to be on a rise as Eurostat statistics show that during the first four months of 2013 pellet imports were up by 51% from 2012 y-o-y. In Sweden, the US pellet deliveries remained stable, while in other markets, such as the UK and Italy, the imports were on a significant rise.

Ekman & Co. has been appointed to market pellets for a major Canadian pellet producer. Ekman will be serving as a worldwide agent to the entire wood pellet production of Scotia Atlantic Biomass Company Ltd. They plan to be one of the key suppliers of wood pellets to the expanding European markets. The agreement covers a two year initial period and during this time up to 240,000 tons total pellet production.

Stora Enso will start pellet manufacturing at their Kitee sawmill in eastern Finland in December this year. The annual production target of 20 000 tons will be mainly marketed to small scale facilities and consumer pellet markets.