New Ethanol Company launched: Purthanol Resources

Communication Director chez Purthanol Resources

PURTHANOL has been at the forefront of research & development for solutions to the problems of CO2 emissions and de-forestation, which the United Nations has determined are the two main contributors to global warming. Over the past quarter century we have advanced our technologies and proprietary knowledge to the stage of implementation to grow two cash crops called sweet sorghum and sweet pearl millet. The process is based on fermentation and simple distillation, which allow converting the sucrose extracted from the biomass to a 50% ethanol and 50% water solution called ATHANOL.

This solution has valuable properties: it is not flammable and is very stable so it can be stored anywhere in the world and can be easily transportable. In fact, this crude ethanol will then be sent to refineries for processing to produce a pure ethanol destined for the international market. In addition to this, several valuable by-products from the process can be used to increase profitability, including carbon credits, wood chips, pulps and electricity.

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